all boxed up

all boxed up

We have a month to go through our apartment and get rid of all the unnecessary stuff so we don’t have to move it. My office is sponsoring a clothing drive, so I am trying to get a lot of stuff together for that. I have a lot of clothes that no longer fit me, and I’m stubbornly clinging to them because they are still in great shape and I keep saying I’m going to lose the weight. Hmm, hasn’t happened yet! We’ll see.

One of the things I did yesterday was box up my wedding dress. I thought about it for a long time, and I could not think of a good reason to keep it. So did some internet searches and decided to donate it to Making Memories, which sells donated gowns to raise funds for women and men with breast cancer. As I was browsing their site, I saw they also accept donated bridesmaid dresses, so I took two of the dresses hanging in my closet and put them in the box. It made me a little sad, but I just don’t fit into some of the dresses anymore, and in 3 years have never had an opportunity to wear them again. I’d rather donate them to someone who will get some good use from them. I also found a site called Heavenly Angels that accepts donated wedding dresses and turns them into burial gowns for infants. If my dress was ripped, stained, or otherwise unwearable I would donate there, but as it is I think it has a few more uses before it’s done! I’ll mail the box tomorrow… *wistful sigh*

Another big box in my closet has all sorts of wedding stuff. Magazines, planners, books with ideas and such; all sorts of stuff that I don’t need anymore. I think I will drop them all off at Goodwill unless someone would like them! It will be good to go through and purge all the junk in my apartment.

And to end this post, I will put up a conversation I had yesterday with BellSouth (telephone company). They have been calling me about every three weeks or so since the summer, asking me if I want to upgrade my DSL service. Their tactics used to be more subtle, saying that people are complaining about slow DSL so they are recommending that everyone upgrade. I have held my ground, but have become increasingly annoyed until I decided to go with cable modem for internet after we move, and get Vonage for phone service. (I am excited to no longer deal with BellSouth!) Last night I got another call from them:

Me: “Hello?”

BellSouth guy: “Hi I’m calling from BellSouth in regards to your DSL service.”

Me: “Ah yes, no I do not want to upgrade. I am happy with the DSL speed that I have right now, and don’t want to pay more money to get faster service. Frankly, I’m getting a little tired of all the phone calls I get asking if I want to upgrade. In fact, I will be cancelling my service alltogether and going with cable modem because I am so fed up with these calls.”

BellSouth guy: (silence) “Okay, thank you for your time, ma’am.”

Argh! Only one more month!!

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