November 11th

November 11th

That is the day we move! :-) So exciting…! Yesterday, Paul and I turned in our application for the apartment, were approved and now all we need to do is put down the deposit and first month’s rent.

I wish I had pictures; that will have to come later. It’s a two bedroom, two and a half bathroom townhouse. It’s also huge – almost 1500 square feet! We had been looking at an apartment in the same complex, but when they raised the rent for the apartment, the two-story townhouse was only $30 more and we decided the advantages outweighed the cost. Here is a floorplan which is almost exactly like the one we’re getting, except we don’t have a fireplace.

The kitchen and the breakfast nook have (faux) hardwood floors, and there are skylights over the breakfast nook. We’ll probably put our table there since it’s small, and it will be so nice to have a kitchen that is conducive to moving around in! Since we only have one table, we’ll turn the dining room into an office for our computers (if it works out like that; otherwise we’ll put the office in the breakfast nook). The plans for the screened in porch include the stinky catbox and one of the kitty doors that fits into sliding glass doors. Then upstairs we’ll have a guest room and our bedroom. The guest room will be the purple room, since it will have all the stuff that I owned before we were married – my bed with the purple comforter and purple sheets, and a purple shower curtain and purple soap dispenser, etc. :-) We’ll have to get a new bed for the master bedroom, but we have been planning on that for a while.

I am so excited about this. I know the kitties are going to love the stairs – I can just see them chasing each other up and down. I’m also excited to have room for guests, and I hope we can have a pleasant and hospitable house! You are all invited to stay with us if you ever are in Atlanta. :-)

And one of the awesome things about getting a townhouse is that it makes it more likely that we’ll be able to get a puppy come spring or summer.

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