• Yesterday, I saw that gas in my area has finally gotten under $2/gallon! Hooray. Paul and I are excited. :-)

• Also yesterday, on my way to meet Ann for lunch, I passed by a car that wasn’t moving even though the light was green. I looked over (he was in the lane next to me) and the driver was hunched over his steering wheel! I could see pretty clearly because the car was a convertible and the top was down. I called 911 and reported it. I guess he could have been sleeping, but I was afraid he had a heart attack or something. He wasn’t there when I passed by an hour later, so I doubt I will ever find out what happened to him.

• Paul and I went to submit an application for the apartment we want to move into, and they didn’t have any available on the 2nd story. So we’re going to go back in a week or two and see if any more are open. There was still time for people to turn in their 30 day notices and be gone before our desired move-in date, so we’re hoping for better news! The other bad thing we found out is that they raised the rent $70 from the last time we saw them. Even though it is still in our budget, we had been looking forward to being under budget! We’re now also considering another apartment since they are now close in price – a much bigger townhouse with a yard so we could get a dog (!!!). I don’t know; we’re still considering and praying. I hope for better news soon. :-) It would be good to get a move-in date soon so we can recruit people to help with the furniture.

• We bought our plane tickets for New England!! I am currently in process of designing the invitation, which some of you should get soon. It’s Friday, Oct. 27th at 6:30pm in Swansea, MA so those interested can mark their calendars! Becky – I want to meet Bugaboo so you’ll have to keep me updated about Katherine and we can plan a time! (We’re flying in Thursday morning and leaving Sunday morning.)

• FlyLady is… well I’m still working on the clean sink thing. :-) Paul and I finally got the file cabinet set up and we cleaned off the table from all the random papers floating around. We also combined the gift lists to one convenient typed spreadsheet, so I have no more excuses about writing thank-you notes. I think that I’m appreciating the “one thing at a time” philosophy of FlyLady. I pulled out my old PDA that I got my sophomore year of college, and have started using that again. It helps to write everything down.

• Our apartment is stinky. I haven’t figured out why. We cleaned the catbox, washed the dishes, and did the laundry and it’s still stinky. Methinks it’s time to do some heavy-duty cleaning! (Mewishes I had more motivation for such a task.)

• This morning I got up with Paul at 5:30. I made his lunch, then after he left I did the dishes and some other little things. I went back to bed an hour and a half later, and it was still dark outside. I think that’s funny.

• I can’t think of anything else so ya’ll have a nice day now!

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