the busy season at work

the busy season at work

What season is the height for furniture sales? You guessed it – the fall! Why? Because the holidays are coming, and people are getting ready to host parties and have guests visiting. A new (or bigger) dining room table is in order, or perhaps a new guest room bed, or new living room furniture. For a furniture dealer, the fall is about putting the most into advertising. For the advertising agency, fall means a lot of jobs in! Busy busy!

I stayed at work until 7:30 tonight! It was soo busy all day. One of my coworkers was sick, and so I got some of her jobs. I actually enjoyed being busy, even though it was stressful. I felt like I got a lot accomplished those last two hours of overtime, which will make things happier on Monday! I always feel bad sending out proofs to customers and then pushing for an approval within 24 hours. :-( They’re supposed to have a week to proof it, but that’s rarely realistic.

I don’t have much interesting to say! It’s after 1am and I am definitely not sleepy at all! I have this new thing where I lay down when Paul goes to bed, and then when he’s asleep I get up and do my own thing. So now I’m sitting in a dark living room with the laptop, blogging. I might pull out – gasp – a book! I haven’t sat down and read in forever.

Oh, yesterday I decided to join FlyLady. For those who aren’t familiar – it’s basically helping women get back in control of housework, one step at a time. I like that philosophy – I tend to jump into things with both feet. So far…. I have failed miserably, as my sink is dirty. At least I can say today I dressed to my shoes. ;-) So I’ll put a little more effort into keeping the sink clean. Tomorrow, tomorrow.

Okay the laptop is hot on my lap so I’m going to sign off now. Still not sleepy. I’ll have to think of something entertaining to do. :-)

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