it's coming!

it's coming!

This morning I stepped outside on my way to work and discovered there was a delicious crispness in the air (I think delicious is my newest favorite adjective). Fall is coming! The trees are still full and green, but the air brings promise of hot apple cider and crackling fires and comfy sweaters. I might prefer warmth over coolness, but I do embrace each change of seasons – especially spring and autumn! I am glad to live in a place to experience all four seasons! What a beautiful thing I missed out on for so long!

I have had the distinct pleasure of sitting on my porch at lunchtime, breathing in the sweet breath and admiring the view. I was telling Paul yesterday how God picked out the perfect apartment for me. It’s somewhat secluded, but at the front of the building so I can watch the people. It’s on the top floor (desireable due to vaulted ceilings and no noisy neighbors above!), but in a building where the top floor is only one flight of stairs up! As excited as I am to move to a bigger place, I am sad to leave this beautiful complex.

I also had the pleasure of enjoying the beautiful blue sky and scattered white, fluffy clouds through the sunroof of my car while driving to and from work. I like being able to take in the outside even when I can’t be outside! :-) Now all I need is a window in my office so I can sit and daydream – I mean, work. (Just call me Anne Shirley…)

Oh and by the way, I am feeling much better. :-)

I’m excited about the approach of autumn! Is anyone else able to see the change in seasons yet, or is this only Georgia?

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