it all started on Friday

it all started on Friday

Friday lunchtime I was sitting on my couch eating lunch when all of the sudden, I got a headache. I thought it was a little weird, but I ignored it hoping it would go away. A few hours later, I finally took some Excedrin Migraine, which usually kills the headaches, but it didn’t help.

I woke up with the headache on Saturday morning, and proceeded to vomit all of my dinner from the night before. I did this constantly all morning until my stomach finally calmed down and I was able to sleep. Paul came home from work, and took care of me like the wonderful husband he is. I felt much better at this point – enough to eat something, and watch a TV show with him. Then, later on in the evening, my headache took a turn for the worse and I started vomiting again.

Paul loaded me into the car and drove me to the emergency room. It was about 1 am and I was feeling quite dizzy and my head throbbed. I was led into a room and instructed to put on a hospital gown, and after what seemed like forever a doctor came in and checked for signs of brain trauma. Apparently I passed, because they gave me two shots: one to stop the vomiting and one a dosage of Morphine. I dozed a little at that point, when about half an hour later, the nurse came back in and asked if I felt better. I told her no, that my headache was still there. She then came and gave me an IV of morphine. Exciting (if one could call it that)! I’ve never gotten an IV before, and it took effect very quickly. I felt flushed and not myself, but after about an hour of sleep my head felt better. The nurse came back, had me sign some discharge papers, and told me I could get dressed.

I felt much better. I got up and put my pants back on when… Suddenly I vomited again. They didn’t seem to worried, just asked how my head was (still no pain), and told me to take it easy. I got dressed and Paul helped me out to the car – it was about 5am.

I threw up five more times before I was able to get home and get in bed. As we layed down, Paul mentioned that he had gotten up at this time yesterday – which meant that he was up for 24 hours straight. Poor guy. I am so grateful that he was there, though. I slept for four or five hours, and woke up and could not stop throwing up. Paul did some internet research and found that vomiting is a side effect of morphine! Well that’s nice to know. Another side effect is a headache. :-)

I’m guessing about 12 hours after I got the IV of morphine, my stomach was calm and I no longer felt like there was a dead weight on top of me. I’ve been able to get down crackers and some Coke, which makes my hungry stomach happy. I have even been able to sit up and walk around some – definite improvement! It’s been an interesting few days, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to go to work tomorrow. We’ll see how it plays out. (Susan and Hannah, aren’t ya’ll glad that we didn’t go to Stone Mountain??) I am soo thankful that Paul has been here to help me out, and also that they didn’t give me any problems about my insurance card being in my maiden name. And I am very glad my headache is gone!

When the doctor found out that this is the second time I’ve been to the emergency room for a migraine (the last time was during my junior year at Taylor), he gave me a gentle admonishing for not seeing a doctor about this problem. Paul and my mom (later, over the phone) both expressed the same thing. Ah, I suppose this means I have to find a doctor now. And take vacation days I don’t have to go to the doctor. *sigh*

Well that’s been my weekend. I think I’ve had about enough of the computer, so I’m going to retire. Maybe I can convince Paul to make me some rice. :-)

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