seeking a warm, cozy bed

seeking a warm, cozy bed

You know those days where you don’t want to get up? Where the entire day you just want to go back to bed? Yeah, today is one of those days.

It’s raining today. I could hear it all night, steadily raining. I don’t mind the rain, really, especially when thunder and lightning do not accompany it. The rain just makes me sleepy and lethargic. I always call these “Jane Eyre” days, because they make me want to curl up in front of a fire with a book like Jane Eyre. Perhaps it’s the description of the moor in The Secret Garden (one of my favorite books) that makes me associate England with rain and mist and gray skies.

I just got chewed out by a customer. He was mad, and hung up on me. I can’t go into the details, but it wasn’t really my fault. I just do as I’m told, don’t shoot the messenger. I wish I could yell back at him, saying that I’m running late because he turned in his order late. But that’s the thing about customer service – the customer is always right, even when they’re in the wrong. So I have to take the hits and I hate that. I have to just sit here being chewed out, looking like a bad person and I just have to take it.

Paul and I went to see World Trade Center in the theaters last Monday. It was a really powerful movie, I thought. I am glad we went to see it, even though the movie ticket was really expensive (what’s with movie tickets costing $10/person these days? that’s ridiculous!). Some people might find it too soon to watch, but I think it helped me have a better understanding about what happened, and renewed my appreciation for the policemen, firefighters, and other rescue workers.

I really have nothing else to say. I am in a weird mood where I feel like anything I say will be held against me, so I probably should be quiet. Besides, I have an upset customer I have to bow to. I hate feeling like this.

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