rooting for the home team

rooting for the home team

So last night my company treated us all to a Braves game. It was quite fun; Paul and his brother & girlfriend came with us as well. We had excellent seats, field level, looking straight across the field to home plate. I’ve never been so close to the field before! We were calling to Andruw Jones but he was ignoring us. The game got really exciting in the 7th inning, as the Braves closed the runs gap, but not enough. They ended up losing to the Giants 8-6. I was disappointed that there weren’t any exciting home runs or fantastic saves, but I guess you can’t have everything. :-)

Most of my coworkers downed the beer and the “Sprite” they were drinking, and towards the end of the game things got a bit rowdy. The bus ride home turned into a party bus, with loud music and people dancing in the aisles. I think Paul was more bothered by everything than I was; it just reminded me of the parties I would go to in high school. Today at work has been pretty quiet (a few people called in sick – big surprise!).

Paul and I were talking about how drinking and partying is an expensive past time. Not only do you have to pay for drinks (which are certainly more expensive than a Coke!), but you also have to pay for a cab to drive you home, and then another cab to go back and pick up your car the next day. On top of all that are damage expenses you might incur when you’re not exactly conscious of everything you’re doing. Me, I’ll stick to my occasional hard lemonade and sober partying. :-)

EDIT: Of course, I want to make sure that everyone knows that I have reasons to not drink and party other than financial. Besides being bad healthwise for your body, the danger of getting addicted to alcohol, having little control of your own body and actions, the possibility of hurting others both physically and emotionally, the negative side affects (i.e. hangovers), I also believe getting drunk is unbiblical (Eph. 5:18). Those are my two-cents on the subject, anyways.

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