one month-iversary

one month-iversary

Yesterday was our one month anniversary being married. When we were dating, we used to celebrate our anniversary each month and do something special. Mostly, it was one of the only time in a month where we could get off campus alone. We’d borrow a car – Kaspar’s or Emily’s or Tree’s – and go out to eat in Muncie or to a movie.

We talked about doing something special to celebrate one month of marriage and not sick of each other yet. ;-) Because I ended up getting a debilitating headache towards the later afternoon, I ended up jut coming home and resting for about an hour. We decided something low-key would be better. So our celebration consisted of going to Goodwill and getting some shirts for Paul. :-) It’s just so hard to find him clothes! We wanted pants too, but it was impossible to find. They had their clothes split between children’s and men’s, and there was nothing in between. So a size 14-16 boys was mixed in with the men, and that just made the search process even harder. However, we got a few nice shirts that he can wear to work and I was happy.

I also picked up “A Tale of Two Cities” and some short stories by O. Henry (one of Paul’s favorite writers). Paul found a book about learning COBOL in 21 days, and he got it for “prosperity’s sake”. All in all, a nice $14 shopping spree. Afterwards, we went to Linens N Things, looking for the one last thing we need for our bathroom set, which they STILL didn’t have, so I suppose we’ll have to order it online. We ate a nice romantic dinner at Jason’s Deli (one of my favorite places), and finished the evening with an episode of Gilmore Girls. All in all, a nice evening even if I was slightly sick.

I can’t believe it’s been a month already. It doesn’t seem that long! I haven’t quite mastered the wife thing yet – cooking still evades me, and the apartment is still a wreck – but I do love it. I love being with Paul, I love not having to hold myself back when I’m with him, I love doing things to make him feel special. Like when I get up at 5am and hand him his lunch – yeah, I love that. Well I don’t like getting up at 5am. No siree.

So, the question of the day is should we come up to Taylor for Homecoming in October?

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