yay! pictures!

yay! pictures!

So these really should have been alongside my post about the honeymoon, but alas! It took me a while to upload them all to my computer. Part of the problem is that my card reader has decided to be ornery and now insists on being held in the USB port – you can’t just plug it in and let it be anymore. So I have to get one person to hold the card reader, and the other person quickly transfers the pictures to the computer.

But I’m straying from the important part of this post. Pictures! (Descriptions below pictures, click to make them bigger… and no, I don’t have any wedding pictures yet!)

Paul and I at Connemara, Carl Sandburg’s house

A view of the house through the trees. It was really pretty.

We hung out one day in the small town of Hendersonville, NC. There were all these bears representing shops along the main street. This was a Vera Bradley bear. :-)

The town of Helen, GA – made to look like a Swiss Alpine village. Everything had the same look to it, even the Wendy’s we ate at!

No, we didn’t get married here but it cracked me up. They even had a schedule on the door for “This Week’s Weddings”!

We saw this house for sale and we think Susan should buy it

Putt-putt! I was concentrating hard.

Look who’s hanging out in the window above Paul! Hehe that made us laugh.

Home again: Ebbie helped us unwrap presents.

Rearranging the furniture: Paul trying to hook the TV back up after we moved it. He didn’t like my method of just throwing the wires behind the TV.

Messy messy messy… it doesn’t look much better now, but at least the furniture’s in place!

Lewis loves his cat bed!

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