all's well at… 5am??

all's well at… 5am??

These past few days have been very busy! And you know what busy can mean… more topics to blog about! I will start with a bit of an eclectic post; hopefully the future ones will be a bit more interesting. :-)

Today I started on my new schedule. This routine change requires me to wake up at the same time as my dear husband, which as many of you know is 5am (well, technically 5:15, but still very very early). I thought about it for a long time, even before we were married, because I was concerned about what has been happening: Night Owl Ashley is not sleepy at 10, which is Paul’s bedtime. She is hyper! So she pulls out a game and wants to play. Night Owl Paul not only is wide awake as well, but he wants to be with Ashley too so they have a fun game of cards (or whatever else it is). Finally we get to bed and Night Owl Ashley wants to talk! She isn’t sleepy at all. They have deep and meaningful conversations until before we know it, it’s midnight. Ashley isn’t tired! She is restless – she never goes to bed this early. She tosses and turns and finally gets up and reads or something. Paul is sad that she isn’t in bed. Five hours later, Paul gets up for work, and Ashley gets and extra three hours of sleep before she has to get up.

So yes, long story short, we feel that as a newly married couple we should try to have the same bedtime and waking time. So thus, my alarm has been set for 5 am. Now, you say, what do I do with myself for three hours? Well I have ambitious plans. First, I will make breakfast and pack a lunch for Paul while he gets ready for work. Then I kiss him goodbye, and head to the fitness center for some aerobic exercise. This is something I really need to do more regularly or I will have to replace my current wardrobe with clothes that fit. Then I will take a nice refreshing shower, after which I will get dressed and make the bed. Next on the agenda is devotions and prayer over breakfast. My hope is that after working out and a shower (and making my bed) I will not fall asleep! (Previous morning quiet time attempts have consisted of “Dear Father, I pray right now for zzzzzzz…”) Then I will use the remainder of the time to wash dishes and do basic cleaning until I leave for work. Thus the evenings are left for spending time with Paul until (a super early) bedtime.

I couldn’t start this new routine yesterday, since it wasn’t a normal day (post about yesterday is forthcoming). However, today I dutifully woke up at 5:15 and made a nice lunch for Paul. Then I worked out as planned, and took a nice long shower. Then… I was sooo sleepy I crawled back into bed and slept until 8:30 (the time I’m supposed to start work… Oops)! Hmm, I think it might take a little while before I am awake enough to do devotions in the mornings.

Ah, the things you do for love. ;-)

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