the dove at the end of the storm

the dove at the end of the storm

Joanna beat me to it about posting this, but I’m going to write about it anyways. :-)

A little history: Last April, there was a tragic van/semi accident involving Taylor students and staff, in which 4 students and one staff member were killed. One of the students survived, and was in a coma for about 5 weeks. We all remember what happened there – with the tragic mix-up of identities.

So recently, Whitney (the Taylor student who survived the accident) found out she was going to be able to go back to Taylor in the fall! This is such exciting news, and what a message of hope for a campus that ended the year grieving!

I have been following the blog that her family has beeen posting in diligently about Whitney’s recovery. It was a joy to read the post last night, which was written by Whitney herself! She is HOME and preparing for her return to Taylor!

The only thing that made me sad is to find out that they are only planning on updating the blog two more times. I will miss following her story, but I’m sure she’d prefer her privacy. Anyways, PRAISE GOD! for bringing Whitney and her family safely through this time.

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