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So I’ve been really emotional lately, as is obvious. I think it’s a combination of hormones and stress. I apologize to anyone getting the brunt end of it. :-)

Yesterday at work I got to use InDesign! It makes me all happy inside. Flora (my boss) came over at one point to see how the ad was coming (this has been one crazy confusing ad! it has all these weird sizes and folds and such). After watching me work for a few minutes, she asked, “So you’re able to fly through InDesign pretty well?” I excitedly told her yes, and pointed out some of the ways it’s similar to Quark, and some of the ways it’s better. For example, drop shadows! In InDesign! Wow! She was impressed and said, “We definitely need to make the switch.” I was excited about that. For now, I’m the only computer in the office with InDesign CS2. Flora told me that I could do any ads I wanted in InDesign, as long as they weren’t of the nature where someone else would be needing that same file (as in, if it is a template).

Paul and I almost bought a car yesterday. We found one for a really great deal, an 04 Toyota Corolla LE with leather interior and a sunroof and only 37K miles. However, it was sold by the time we got to it so oh well. At least we found out that our credit isn’t as nonexistant as we thought (thanks to school loans!) and that we can cosign on each other. That relieved me because I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to get a car due to those factors, and we don’t have enough cash to buy a car that’s any better than the one Paul has now. We found another car, another 04 Corolla with a sunroof and only 19K… but after much discussion we decided it was more than we wanted to spend. We are going to wait for something a little cheaper, even though it may have more miles.

We also had a long talk about finances, and I’m pretty excited about the plan. We are going to have two bank accounts, with his salary going into one and my salary going into the other. One account will be purely for paying off loans – school and car. We will put any extra we have each month towards the loan with the highest interest rate, until they are all paid off. The other account will be what we live off of, and we’ll again put any extra money towards either a big purchase (such as a washer and dryer, or fees associated with moving to a new apartment) or our loans. That way, we won’t be tempted to pay just the minimum on our loans, and after they are paid off we will already be used to only living on Paul’s salary and I can quit work. I think it will work out well.

I think that is all the news I have for now. Happy Thursday, ya’ll! :-)

wedding stats

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So I sent out an email yesterday to remind everyone to RSVP, and I think it worked! I got somewhere around 20 RSVPs today when I checked my email at lunch. Hooray. :-)

For those who are interested, here are the stats:

total number of invitations sent out: 236
total number of people invited: 466
total number of people coming: 125

total number of families RSVPed no: 87
total number of families RSVPed yes: 63
total number of families who haven’t RSVPed: 86

(I feel like this is a MasterCard commercial)

One of the biggest challenges for me right now is to try and not take it personally when so many people are RSVPing no. I know there are a million and one reasons why one can’t go to a wedding, but it’s hard on my end when the majority are by far “no” (and probably most of the “no answer” are no as well). It makes me appreciate the people who ARE coming even more. (By the way, I’m not trying to make anyone feel guilty if you aren’t coming! Please don’t take it that way.) I always wanted a big wedding, with the church filled with people so we could have a big party/celebration! That was so important to Paul and I when we planned for this wedding, that we would not be limited as far as the guest list. So we invited everyone we still keep in contact with, and I honestly thought that I’d get my big wedding. Oh well… there are advantages to a small wedding, too; it’s cheaper in the long run, I’ll get more time to spend with each person, etc. At least I know I tried. I think my life has been too spread out over the world to get what I want.

In the end, I tell myself, I am married to the most wonderful man I know. And we will have fun with the 125 people who are there. :-)

There, I’ve gotten that out, hopefully it won’t bother me anymore. Now I am going to enjoy the last 4 1/2 weeks of being Ashley P. (as my cousin advised me to do).

happy half birthday to me

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June 26th… Today is my half birthday! I am exactly as far away from my 23rd birthday as I am close to my 24th birthday. When I was little, June 26th meant that I could add, when consulted about my age, the very important phrase, “I’m six and a half!” Of course it’s not as cool to say “I’m 23 and a half” but I still like acknowledging my half birthday. (It’s not quite as overlooked as my real birthday, seeing that we’re 8 whole days from a holiday!)

So today has turned out to be a bad day for a birthday. It’s been rainy, which is very good for drought, but also creates problems (i.e. traffic). I was so wound up and stressed about wedding stuff yesterday that I didn’t fall asleep until well after 2 am, and thus woke up feeling extremely groggy. I managed to get ready on time (for once!) but was caught by (talkative) Ann on my way out the door, and thus ended up leaving late as always. I was slightly frustrated. Now I am at work, very cold (should have worn pants instead of a skirt today!) and very very sleepy. I am also thinking of so many things I need to do. I am considering leaving work half day because I simply cannot focus and I could totally go for a nap right now, but there I just started downloading something that’s going to take 4 hours so I guess I have to stay. Zzz…

I hope the day gets better! Maybe I can convince Paul to take me out tonight for half of a birthday dinner so I don’t have to cook. :-)


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It’s been a crazy past couple of days. I am exhausted. It’s finally quiet, and I’m sitting here in my apartment watching the rain. It’s good that it’s raining – our thirsty earth needs it. I hope it continues to rain, lots, and maybe help pull us out of the drought.

My mom, sister, and grandmother arrived on Friday, up for a weekend visit. They threw a bridal shower for me on Saturday, where a good time was had by all. We played fun games and opened presents. The upside of having guests is you have to think about meals. I’m not handy enough in the kitchen to be able to prepare a meal smoothly without guests, so when you add a few more people into the mix, I just get overwhelmed. It all turned out okay, though. (Thanks to a dear helpful fiance!!)

In preparation for visitors, Paul and I did some major cleaning of the apartment. We took everything out of the closet and reorganized it. Much needed! Before, we couldn’t even enter the huge walk-in closet. Now, everything is neatly piled up in an orderly fashion so I can once again find things. The next step is to get RID of things to make way for the wedding gifts we have been given! We have so much useless junk… (Along with much of America…)

A lot of what’s been going on has been wedding plans. Next Saturday is when all the RSVPs are due, and then I get to bug the 145 people I have not heard from. (Many of them, I know, read this blog… so if it’s you then kindly RSVP. :-)) So, as activities increase in the next 5 (5!!!) weeks, I’m sure I will be posting less. So many things left to do, so little time… I’m getting stressed just thinking about it!

41. West Side Story

oy with the poodles already!

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I’m surprised that no one mentioned my very awesome Used Cows picture. That is an honest-to-goodness sign seen on I-65 between Nashville and Louisville. I think it’s around mile marker 78 in Kentucky, but I might be wrong. It makes us laugh. :-)

So the other day my boss came to me and told me that we had gotten a job in that has been done in InDesign. Since I haven’t been too quiet about my love for InDesign, they’re giving it to me! I’m super excited! I was also told that we are planning to make the change from Quark to InDesign. Finally! It will be so nice, although I’ve used Quark for so long now that I’m fairly comfortable with it. I hope it doesn’t take long for me to get used to InDesign again, especially because the version we have here at work is CS, and I have CS2 at home (that’s the newer version, for those non-Adobe-fluent people).

Okay, that’s it for now. Back to your work.

Oh and a prize to anyone who can tell me where the title of this post comes from. Well, not really a prize, but I’m curious if anyone knows. And it doesn’t count if you just Googled the phrase.

EDIT: On a more serious note, I noticed an article today in Boundless Webzine (Focus on the Family) about Taylor: Redeeming the Taylor Tragedy.