one month!

one month!

So I’ve been really emotional lately, as is obvious. I think it’s a combination of hormones and stress. I apologize to anyone getting the brunt end of it. :-)

Yesterday at work I got to use InDesign! It makes me all happy inside. Flora (my boss) came over at one point to see how the ad was coming (this has been one crazy confusing ad! it has all these weird sizes and folds and such). After watching me work for a few minutes, she asked, “So you’re able to fly through InDesign pretty well?” I excitedly told her yes, and pointed out some of the ways it’s similar to Quark, and some of the ways it’s better. For example, drop shadows! In InDesign! Wow! She was impressed and said, “We definitely need to make the switch.” I was excited about that. For now, I’m the only computer in the office with InDesign CS2. Flora told me that I could do any ads I wanted in InDesign, as long as they weren’t of the nature where someone else would be needing that same file (as in, if it is a template).

Paul and I almost bought a car yesterday. We found one for a really great deal, an 04 Toyota Corolla LE with leather interior and a sunroof and only 37K miles. However, it was sold by the time we got to it so oh well. At least we found out that our credit isn’t as nonexistant as we thought (thanks to school loans!) and that we can cosign on each other. That relieved me because I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to get a car due to those factors, and we don’t have enough cash to buy a car that’s any better than the one Paul has now. We found another car, another 04 Corolla with a sunroof and only 19K… but after much discussion we decided it was more than we wanted to spend. We are going to wait for something a little cheaper, even though it may have more miles.

We also had a long talk about finances, and I’m pretty excited about the plan. We are going to have two bank accounts, with his salary going into one and my salary going into the other. One account will be purely for paying off loans – school and car. We will put any extra we have each month towards the loan with the highest interest rate, until they are all paid off. The other account will be what we live off of, and we’ll again put any extra money towards either a big purchase (such as a washer and dryer, or fees associated with moving to a new apartment) or our loans. That way, we won’t be tempted to pay just the minimum on our loans, and after they are paid off we will already be used to only living on Paul’s salary and I can quit work. I think it will work out well.

I think that is all the news I have for now. Happy Thursday, ya’ll! :-)

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