lovely Saturday

lovely Saturday

I had an absolutely lovely day yesterday. The weather is simply gorgeous. It got up to 80 yesterday, but the sun was beautiful and just makes me want to sing. ;-) It also makes me wish I had an outside job! I was thinking how nice it would be if I had a laptop where I could go outside and do my designs. But I digress…

Yesterday morning I met a photographer at Starbucks and talked about his work and pricing. I really liked him, and I think he’s a definite possibility. We’ll see how it goes with the two photographers I’m going to meet tomorrow. It just encouraged me to find someone in my price range whose work I liked and whose style seemed similar to my taste.

After that, I met up with Susan and we went florist shopping. We were faily unsuccessful; we only found and were able to talk to one florist who was very weird and had high prices. However, it was a delighftul drive, and Susan is very good company!

We took a drive up to Joann’s (always a good place to go) and I showed her the fabric for my bridesmaid dresses. We decided that the lavender roses that I was planning to have was going to clash with the color of the dresses, so we decided to make all the roses red and ivory… It was fun and Susan had a lot of helpful tips. We had dinner at La Madeleine (a French restaurant) and enjoyed being able to sit outside and eat our meal. The weather sure is beautiful!!

After Susan left, I didn’t feel like going back home yet so I decided to stop by Target and pick up a few things I needed. I perused the housewares aisles mentally picking out things we should register for. :-)

The evening was over, or so I thought. I still had one more surprise! Cida called me at 10:30 and wanted to borrow my vacuum cleaner, as she was doing the final cleaning of her apartment before turning in her keys today. I said sure, and then scurried around picking up the horrific mess in my apartment (see, I like to clean I just need motivation!). When she came over, we sat on the couch and talked about weddings and other things. Cida has an artistic eye that has a lot of good ideas! I need to be careful, though, because her ideas are often out of my price range! It was fun to just hang out with her, though. I love that we’re both night owls; it reminded me of college when we’ll still up and full of energy after midnight!

I was in the process of making fresh orange juice with my new juicer, so I made her a glass. It probably would have tasted better cold, but I enjoyed freshly squeezed juice. I have tons of oranges, so if anyone comes over, I will whip you up a glass! :-)

Ah good times. It always hits me by surprise at my change of mood when the weather turns warmer! I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to take advantage of the pool! Oh and just for the record, the white trees blossoming near my house are actually Bradford Pear trees, not dogwoods. I have to be more patient yet for dogwoods.

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