So much to do… There is a lot on my plate right now, and I feel like I don’t have time to do everything. I need to come up with a better way of managing my time. Here is my “to do” list (mostly for my own benefit):

1) Make final decisions about my trip to Taylor next week. Try to schedule times to see certain people, so I get a chance to visit with everyone.

2) Buy and mail birthday present for Paul – or just wait to hand it to him when he gets here?

3) Finish and turn in the orders for this Pampered Chef show I hosted for Beth

4) Practice the Easter cantata which is coming up – April 2nd!

5) Find housing for Paul – anyone want to rent a room to him for four months?

6) Get together a list of florists to visit on Saturday with Susan; come up with questions to ask them. Also, buy food so I can serve dinner to Susan. Learn how to cook by Saturday. (Heheh joke for you, Susan!)

7) Meet with one photographer on Saturday and two more on Monday. Hopefully one of them works out!

8) Alter the bridesmaid dress for Joanna’s wedding so it fits me better. (Learn to sew.) Buy plane ticket to go to her wedding.

9) Put away the clean laundry that is sitting in my room. Iron the dress shirts so I have stuff to wear to work. Pack away winter clothes and pull out summer clothes.

10) Take kitties to the vet to get their annual shots. Have vet check out Lewis’ eye, which looks completely healed to me. Buy more cat litter – NOT the brand I bought last time.

11) Lose two inches off my waist/rib cage.

12) Go through apartment and sell on ebay all the stuff I don’t need. Not only do I need the extra money, but I don’t really have the room for all my junk. Give apartment a good spring cleaning. Maybe do that thing… what do you call it… vacuum… yeah that’s it

Okay I’m tired of my list. I have decided to make a schedule and try to have (realistic) goals for what I should finish each day. I will also cut down on unnecessary things – like TV. If I break up tasks into smaller pieces, they seem more manageable and I am more likely to do them without being overwhelmed. That’s my plan, now let’s see if I can stick to it!!

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