Tomorrow, dear readers, is the momentous occasion of a musical at the theatre. I am soo excited; I don’t know how I’m going to get through work tomorrow!

The plan was to go formal, but on Tuesday I sadly discovered that I no longer fit into two of my formal gowns (prom dress and bridesmaid dress from Beth B.’s wedding), and the third (bridesmaid dress from Tree’s wedding) doesn’t fit with an evening play. I was going to wear another outfit, but I can’t find it anywhere (I’m a little concerned because it’s one of my favorite dressy outfits). So I decided to stop by TJ Maxx and see what I could find and discovered a treasure on the clearance rack! It was a little black dress, so cute and classy, and $15!!

So I have a new little dress to wear, as I feel all grown-up accompanied by two classy people – Cida, my coworker and neighbor, and her boyfriend. I’m really really excited. And I get to see Phantom of the Opera! Even if I wasn’t dressing up, I would be completely satisfied by hearing Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music soaring through the air. Mmm that didn’t seem to fit, but it’s late and my attempts to be poetic are failing.

Days till I see Paul: 22

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