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After I recovered from the severe headache I woke up with today, I decided to take it easy. I spent the majority of the day crosstitching and designing things. I worked on and finished a portfolio for Paul for when he starts hunting for a new job in Atlanta, and I designed another website for someone else. I’m pretty happy with how they both turned out, but I think I’m going to have to tweak Paul’s some more… there is just something little about it that rubs me the wrong way; I think I’ll leave it alone for a few days and see if I notice it later.I’ve been thinking about my personal website, which is really outdated although I kinda do like the design. Again, it needs some – okay, a lot of tweaking… but mostly it needs to be updated. I’m not sure who goes there anymore, since I have this blog that’s updated more frequently. Should I just take it off completely? I’m definitely planning on leaving my electronic portfolio live, even though I have a job… I was looking at it today and thinking “wow, I really do like that!” Is it vain to really like your own designs?

I really do like to design. :-) I am glad I have a computer at home, with software that I can use to design on my own. And Paul is helping me learn CSS so I can design things that don’t take so long to load (like my portfolio :-p). Ideally I’d love to combine my website and my blog, but I think I’ll wait until later before I attempt that.

Days till I see Paul: 11