cards, kitties, and weddings

cards, kitties, and weddings

A few days ago I received the most awesome graduation card.

(click to make it bigger)

This is especially humorous because a few weeks ago I woke up one morning and found my graduation tassel on the pillow next to me. Since then I keep finding my three tassels at random places around my apartment, and I’ve finally given up having them displayed. Silly kitties…

Today was a productive day. I took a trip to the busy shopping section of town (I say busy because there is so much over there, including traffic). I bought Frankie and Anna’s wedding present, which I’m very excited about! And I got a gift for another friend who’s getting married in July (yes, I know at least 5 couples getting married in July… this is ridiculous!). I love getting gifts for people, and I especially love it when I find the perfect gift!

I have been thinking a lot about weddings recently, especially my own. Bad Ashley. I shouldn’t be thinking about my wedding because I don’t even know when that’s going to be; not any time soon. I can’t help myself… I love the idea of getting to plan a wedding again, and having a diamond on my finger again, and being able to count the days until I know I’m going to see Paul every day indefinitely. I know what I’m going to do differently this time… what I’m going to do the same…

Twelve days until I get to see Paul!

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