my new car

my new car

Okay, okay, Brent. :-) I actually found the car a while ago; someone in my dad’s office was selling it. I was considering it seriously but there were a few negative things about it. 1) The price was high, 2) it was bigger than I wanted, and 3) it had a lot of miles. However, last night the owner called my parents saying that he was lowering the price considerably making it a very good deal. I decided to go ahead and take it because I hadn’t found anything else, I know the owner has taken care of it, and mostly I can afford it without having to take out a loan.

Ah, what kind of car it is. :-) It’s a blue/green 1997 Dodge Intrepid in great condition. It has power everything and cruise control and AC – yay! No CD player :-( but maybe I can do something about that when I save up some more money. :-) The awesome part is it has hubcaps!!! Unlike the car I have now which looks like I rolled it from the junkyard a few days ago. I’m excited to have a car with hubcaps. I’m excited to have a car under 10 years old!! I think I’m going to have the newest car of anyone in my family; newer than Paul’s even. :-D

So yeah. Now I’m in the process of getting plates to mail down to Florida so my parents can bring the car when they come up for graduation. I am excited to have a car with hubcaps and a cigarette lighter (mine broke literally the day after I bought a car charger for my cell phone) and – get this – power locks that work from the driver’s seat!! Oh this is too good to be true. ;-) Hahah I’m being sarcastic. I’m mostly happy to get rid of the car I have now and get something all to my own. It will last me a few years at least. Then maybe I will be richer and can afford the $300/month payment for a brand new Honda Civic.

Oh yes, and it is an automatic. Sorry to all the boys out there… I have been stuck in Atlanta traffic too many times to consider a manual. (Joanna, Paul, and Matt: thanks for teaching me to drive stick. Now that I know how to drive stick, I know I don’t want it :-)) As I told my mom, “Having automatic transmission is up there with the car actually running.”


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