my list, continued

my list, continued

So here is the real world: where bills come due and have to be paid, and money must be kept track of or there is danger of overdrawing, and things need to be dealt with because parents won’t do it anymore.

Thus enters my lists. Once I have a deadline (May 19th – when I go up to Indiana) it increases the chance of things getting done. Today I spent a little over 2 hours at the DMV getting an updated address on my driver’s license. Yay, I’m legal! After 3 years I can now say I officially live at the address on my license. It’s kinda weird to not have two or three valid (or semi-valid) addresses floating around like I have had ever since I was 8.

I got a new picture taken and my license no longer says “under 21”. I got to sign my name again which is good because it was misspelled on my last license. I even stopped by the library and picked up a library card. The rest of the day will be cleaning and unpacking and getting ready for my guests this week.

New revised list:
1) Consolidate loans.
2) Work on those emails in my inbox.
3) Get license plates.
4) Find a cat sitter/cat boarding.
5) Finish unpacking.
6) Update budget with new figures.

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