gorgeous day!!

gorgeous day!!

The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and the birds are singing! Days like today make me want to sing too!

Things are coming together about graduation. I was able to get both Thursday and Friday off work, and so I’ll be driving up with my parents on Thursday. I’m staying the night in Indy with Beth Z., and then she’s taking me up to Taylor in time for the graduation rehersal at 1:30. After that I have some down time until dinner during which time I will wait impatiently for Paul to arrive!! Then after dinner I am going to this senior slide show thing which is rumored to be at 8, but I don’t know for sure since somehow I was not included on the Taylor senior email list. Then in the evening Paul and I are hanging out with Tree and Daniel, until I go to Joanna’s apartment in Muncie to stay the night. Saturday is graduation!! My family and I, and Paul, leave right after graduation to come back to Atlanta. My parents will continue on to Orlando on Sunday while Paul and I are going to spend the day together catching up… He leaves really early Monday morning and then life resumes to normal. :-(

But I’m soooo excited about seeing everyone!!
Now about my list:
1) Consolidate loans. < WORKING ON IT >
2) Find a car. < DONE! >
3) Do the exit counseling for the Perkins loan. < DONE! >
4) Get an updated driver’s license. < HEHE NOPE NOT YET >
5) Pay gas bill. < WORKING ON IT >
6) Fill out renter’s insurance information. < HALFWAY DONE >
7) Start responding to the 60-something emails in my inbox. < DOWN TO 45 NOW>

Things I need to add to the list:
8) Get license plates and car insurance.
9) Find a cat sitter.
10) Pay phone bill.
11) Finish unpacking.

Days till I get to see Paul: 8!!!

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