back online!

back online!

…for now at least. :-) Apparently it wasn’t Bell South at all, but my phone jack! So I guess whatever they “fixed” last time I put in a maintenance request for this phone jack was just a temporary thing. At least I do have one working phone jack in my apartment, and thanks to the 50 ft. telephone cord I have, I’m good for now. :-)

First I’d like to say that gas in Georgia is $1.85.

So last Saturday I took a jog up to Chattanooga, Tennessee and Lookout Mountain, Georgia which is the home of Covenant College, a small Christian college nestled at the top of Lookout Mountain. I drove up to attend the graduation of my dear friend, Beth Kirschner Booth and her husband Stuart. Although it was a long day, I really enjoyed my time with Beth and her family. Beth and I became best friends when I was living in Atlanta on furlough (7th grade) and our friendship has remained strong since then! Stuart is going to Med School in Houston so he and Beth moved there this week. :-( This Saturday was my last time seeing Beth for a long time… Although I’m sure she’ll be back for my wedding, whenever that will be!

This weekend another dear friend, Bethany Folkins, was in town visiting her parents and so I spent Mother’s Day lunch with them, which was quite pleasant. It was good to see Bethany again and it’s nice to know we have this tie in Atlanta. :-)

As graduation draws near, I am getting more and more excited. I’m really glad I’m able to go. When I was in high school, I counted down my graduation day from 365. I think everyone thought I was nuts. I didn’t count down graduation this time but it’s really only a ceremony for me, since I’ve already left Taylor. To a certain extent coming back for graduation is like a homecoming and a goodbye all rolled together in one. The best part is that my best friend and most favorite person in the world is going to be there!! :-D I am so excited that I get to see Paul in only 10 days!!!

Work is still going fine but it’s getting somewhat stressful. The owners have a policy to “never turn away a customer” even if it means doing a job and getting an entire approval in a matter of hours. The downside is that anything we turn into the printer last minute counts against our bonus – but we can’t control the fact that we have more jobs than we can possibly do. I am frustrated by that policy and tomorrow I have to spend “first thing” in the morning getting two jobs done that were due today, but neither were my fault for not being done. I hope it gets better and isn’t like this usually. The good thing is that I do feel that if I was completely overwhelmed I could approach them and tell them. Not yet though.

Okay, bedtime. I will write more later.
Things to do before May 20th:
1) Consolidate loans.
2) Find a car.
3) Do the exit counseling for the Perkins loan.
4) Get an updated driver’s license.
5) Pay gas bill.
6) Fill out renter’s insurance information.
7) Start responding to the 60-something emails in my inbox.

Days till I see Paul:10!!! :-D

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