internet no more :-(

internet no more :-(

BellSouth is really starting to annoy me. Sometime after I went to bed on Saturday night, my DSL went down. This time a different problem than before. I called them Sunday morning and spent another hour on the phone with the guy, going through the now-familiar routine of trouble shooting trips. Finally the guy says the technician needs to come out, but the earliest time for that is tomorrow. If it’s a problem on their side, then the cost to fix it is free. If it’s a problem with me then the cost is $80. I’m confused – why would it just stop working? It was working just fine earlier. I didn’t get hit by lightning.

If it ends up costing me $80, then I’m cancelling my DSL and going dial-up. *shudder* Dial-up does NOT seem worth paying for, but I can’t afford cable right now.

Here are some other things I’ve wondered:
– If Atlanta is the headquarters for Cingular, then why is the amount of cell service I get worse than I got in Upland, Indiana?
– Again, if I’m living in a big city then why can’t I pick up TV stations very well either?
– Why does Publix (grocery store) have its bakery on one side of the store by Aisle 1, and all its bread on the other side of the store on Aisle 13?

I don’t feel well at all today… but I’ll write more later when I’m not at work. So long for now!

Days till I see Paul: 12!!
Days till my graduation ceremony: 13!!

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