a new look!

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Well after spending all evening on a new template, I think I am finally ready to unveil it! Not that I disliked the old template, but I was just in the mood for something different. :-) I also changed the title because I was getting tired of “twentysixcats”.Woodpeckers! I find a certain kindship with woodpeckers, since we both have red hair and answer to some form of the word “peck”. My grandfather once built a doorknocker that was a woodpecker. You pulled a little string and the woodpecker would go “tap-tap-tap” on the door. I wonder what happened to it now?

Well now it is time for bed. Let me know what you think of the new look.

greetings from Orlando

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So I decided Thursday night that I didn’t want to be by myself for the weekend. I thought, “Why don’t I go to Orlando for the weekend?” I knew that it would be my only chance this summer to do that, since it’s a bit far of a drive (8 hrs) to make in a normal weekend unless there was a special event. It’s a strange concept to me to be close enough to actually go home for the weekend! I was talking to some people and they were shocked that I was actually going to drive that far! I guess it’s all relative, huh? In my “You Know You’re An MK When…” book there it says: “You know you’re an MK when 500 miles seems ‘very close'”.

Lewis and Ebony came with me to Atlanta, Lewis sleeping on the dashboard and Ebony on my lap for most of the trip. It was surprisingly comfortable (Lewis was to the side so he wasn’t blocking my view at all, especially once I hit south Georgia/Florida when the roads became straight. They were content as long as I was just listening to my book on tape, but the minute I tried to talk on the phone they started yowling.

I got in at 2:30 am and my brother let me in. I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so excited to see my parents’ reaction! I finally got up at 6 am and went into the living room. About 6:30 Lewis woke Amy up, and confused Amy walked into the living room. “What are you doing here?!” she asked. It was great. I love that Lewis woke her up.

My mom finally got up around 8, and walked in and saw me. I wish I could have seen the look on her face (I didn’t have my glasses on), but her voice held surprise and happiness. It was great. I think everyone should surprise their parents at least once. :-)

So I’m in Orlando for the weekend and it’s beautiful outside! I hope everyone else has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. :-)

sore throat

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Bah, my throat is sore, and that makes it more difficult to talk to people. I’m not feeling the best right now; I think I will go to bed early.

My apartment is a wreck. I wish I had motivation to clean it up.

I’m not sure why I’m writing; I really have nothing to say. Oh well. I helped with two websites yesterday; that was fun… I have a lot of ideas for how to make the website better; I think as it is, the main template is a bit outdated. Especially for a design agency. Maybe next week we will have time to talk about it.

Today is Beth and Josh’s 2 year anniversary! Hooray for them.

That’s all for now. Write me emails.

needing a Paul

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“You need a Paul. Oh wait, you already have a Paul.”

This is what Isaac said to me during graduation and it made my day. For those who weren’t there, one of the speakers was referring to relationships in our lives: the Pauls (our mentors), the Timothys (our mentees), and the Barnabases (our encouragers). He told us to turn to the person next to us and tell them that they need a Paul, and a Timothy, and a Barnabas.

I like the double meaning.

I really liked what the speaker had to say. I also really liked what the student speaker said – about the significance of the towels and being a servant. “Will you frame your towel, or will you use it to dry the tears of a crying child?” It brought me back to my freshman year, when we had our 2G “welcoming”. We all had our eyes closed, expecting the worst… Only to find out that our suitemates were washing our feet! I almost choked up with the beauty of the symbol. I was a lowly freshman, and they were all big and smart upperclassmen! Yet, they were washing MY feet. Wow, this was a different group of people than I’d ever been around before. I was eager to share in this tradition every year except for my sophomore year, when we weren’t allowed to do it.

Anyway, two thoughts I had from graduation. That, and it was good to be with friends again. I didn’t realize how lonely I am here in Atlanta until this weekend. It’s not bad here; I’m still getting settled and I haven’t thought about the fact that I don’t see many people other than my coworkers. With the beauty of cell phones I am able to keep in touch with a lot of friends. However, it was nice to be with them again. I ran out of time seeing everyone. I’m glad I was able to see the people I did, though. And there’s always homecoming. :-)

I should go do dishes and clean my apartment. My parents brought with them my tea cup rack! It’s a wooden shelf thing with room for 15 teacups. My great-grandmother collected them, so I have all of hers, as well as one of my own – a pretty flowery one I got for being a bridesmaid at Tree’s wedding. I’m excited to add to it.

Good news! Paul lent me his camera so I will soon be able to post pictures of my apartment. I’m excited to have use of a camera again. It’s been so long… I want to post many pictures of my apartment, my office, my new car, and my cats. By the way, my car is wonderful; I feel like I’m driving a Lexus! I feel bad that my parents have the old one… But it is good with the van on its last legs (wheels?).

I miss my friends, and Paul, and my family. I hope everyone will come visit! :-)

a traumatic graduation

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There were many things that were awesome about this past weekend, which I will write about later. But for now I will cover what happened that seemed to overshadow my graduation day.

It starts on Friday night, the day before graduation. I realized after I had been dropped off at Taylor for the evening that I left my cap and gown in my parent’s car, and they were on their way to Indy. I called them and they were about 20 minutes away. They didn’t want to turn around; after a bit of “discussion” they convinced me that it would be okay if they just brought my cap and gown the morning of graduation. I didn’t like it, but I had no other options.

Of course it will be okay, I told myself. What could go wrong?

Saturday morning when I arrived on campus I called them to ask where they were. “We’ll get there when we get there,” was all my mom said. I was immediately concerned. It took awile but I finally got them to tell me the truth: they had hit a deer on their way up to Taylor.

The whole hour before graduation I was on the verge of tears. How could I be there as the only person not in a cap and gown? I was told I could borrow a faculty robe with the velvet stripes on the side, but I still had no cap or tassle. I didn’t want to look different than everyone else. I was upset. Meanwhile, my parents had gotten someone to pick them up and take them to Taylor – speeding the whole way. Five minutes before all the graduates left the Kesler Center to walk onto the field, I saw Paul come running in with my robe. I was shaking like crazying out of tension, but I managed to robe myself and put the cap on straight.

The rest of graduation went smoothly but I was really shaken up. After the close call with the cap and gown, I started thinking about other things – who had been driving? If the car was undriveable, were we stuck in Indiana longer than we meant to? By the end of the ceremony, I was calm enough to smile and chat with people.

It wasn’t until we were on our way home that I found out my dad had missed my entire graduation trying to get a new windshield for the van. My dad – who had taken three days off work and drove a total 41 hours in five days to watch his oldest daughter graduate from his alma mater – completely missed the entire ceremony. That made me really sad.

With a new windshield and missing the essential left side mirror of the van, we went to a friend’s house in Marion to vaccuum out the car for the third time. There was so much glass everywhere. We finally left Marion around 5 pm (Atlanta time) and arrived to my apartment at 4 am. It was a long drive and at the beginning tensions were high. But we made it and everyone is home now.

I think I am finally calming down about the cap and gown thing – I had to force myself to not think about the “what if” because in reality, I got my gown and it was okay in the end.

Here are some pictures:

our van after the deer crash

glass everywhere!

okay in the end: my family