Paul's job

Paul's job

So God has really provided for Paul this past month while he’s been job searching. Every day Paul got a phone call, or had an interview, or was taking a skills assessment test. Last Friday (I think) he had an interview with CNN. It’s kind of funny – he had to go buy a suit for the interview, so we went to Belk’s. They had suits for $120 and 30% off… But when he checked out, the suit was only $45! Anyways, that was an aside but I thought it was a cool God-thing.

Paul didn’t think his interview with CNN went very well. He felt like the guy who interviewed him was just not interested, so both of us just chocked it to experience and Paul continued worked. Today he had a phone interview with a 2 month contract position with the same temp agency I worked for before I got the job here in Atlanta. He was offered the job, which really excited him. Even though it was only 2 months, it was better than nothing. Something permanent is better than something temporary though…

About lunchtime today Paul got a call from the recruiter who had gotten him the interview with CNN. He said that the guy liked Paul, but was skeptical because Paul seemed nervous in the interview. The recruiter told Paul that he was trying very hard to convince the CNN guy that nervousness wouldn’t affect job performance. Paul told them about the otherposition, and basically gave them until the end of the day or he would take the temp job. So proceeded a few hours where both of us were on pins and needles. Paul IMed me and told me he was so nervous that he cleaned the whole house.

Finally – at the end of the day – the recruiter called Paul back and told Paul they were offering him the job! He is to start on Tuesday. It’s very exciting. We were both so happy; as you can imagine, this relieves a lot of stress!

Well I’m not sure what else to say… Praise God and here’s to the future!

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