my stash

my stash

A few months ago, I posted a picture of my diaper stash. I have since replaced a lot of my stash. Namely, I got rid of all my microfiber inserts (and therefore am not using my pocket diapers anymore). Here’s a picture of my current stash:


Starting in the middle:
– a dozen medium Green Mountain Diaper Chinese prefolds (two were in the diaper bag when this picture was taken)

To the left of the row of prefolds, starting from the front to the back:
– four wet bags
– two sized bumGenius AIO’s
– one one-size Rumparooz pocket diaper (I got this free at the Great Cloth Diaper Change!! I need to do a review once I’ve used it a few more times)
– organic cotton Flip insert

To the right of the row of prefolds, starting from the front to the back:
– four one-size GroVia shells
– two Thirsties Duo covers
– one homemade cover
– one one-size Flip cover
– six snap-in GroVia soaker pads

I’d like to get some more GroVia soakers, but right now this stash gives me enough diapers to make it 2-3 days. I still have all my BabyKangas and FuzziBunz pocket diapers packed away, unsure of what to do with them. I think you can get inserts made of hemp or bamboo that might work better than microfiber… but I am not sure I want to sink all the money into that right now. Still deciding!

I keep my diapers in that blue tub because it makes sorting after laundry easier, and keeps all the diapers together. I used to change Savannah on top of the dresser, but she prefers the floor now. Next to the blue tub I keep everything else I need.
Cloth wipes

In the back, a few disposable diapers and disposable wipes. In front on the left are my cloth wipes, and next to those are my two Snappis. (Love Snappis for prefolds!) On the right, the California Baby diaper area wash that I use to wet her skin before I wipe with a cloth wipe. In the plastic baggie are some Baby Bits that are waiting to be dissolved in hot water to make wipes solution… once I buy a spray bottle!

6 thoughts on “my stash

  1. So, how was it switching from pocket diapers to prefolds, going from an ‘easier’ system to ‘harder’?

    And, I use the California Baby wash, too, diluted, with my cloth wipes. I use the full-strength spray only if we’re dealing with a rash. So far, so good!

  2. I prefer my prefolds/inserts and covers to AIOs, although I find it easier to use AIOs occasionally when J has been using the potty (say, at nighttime). You could sell your pockets, but why not just use your other inserts in them? You could stuff them or just lay an insert on the top. I don’t have any snappis but would really like to get some.

  3. Joanna: I miss the pockets! And I miss the system we had before. Having all the same diaper makes it easier to sort on your changing table. Also, I hate having to keep up with two pieces (cover+prefold). And I miss having my diapers be easy for others to change (like in nursery). But, it’s not terrible.

    Karla: All the inserts I have are microfiber. I tried stuffing them with prefolds, and it was way too bulky – none of her clothes fit. The GroVia soakers I have wouldn’t work inside the pockets due to their shape, and if I’m going to lay them on top then I might as well use the covers I already have. I have enough for 20 diapers, so it’s not like I’m in need of more.

  4. Have you done a post on how you wash your diapers and covers? I looked, but I couldn’t find one. I really like the simplicity (and cheapness) of prefolds. I wash my covers and diapers together and my Thirsties covers are really showing the wear, but I don’t want the hassle of washing them separately.

  5. I haven’t yet, but I was thinking I need to. I wash all my diapers together, but I hang the covers out to dry (rather than putting them in the dryer).

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