needing a Paul

needing a Paul

“You need a Paul. Oh wait, you already have a Paul.”

This is what Isaac said to me during graduation and it made my day. For those who weren’t there, one of the speakers was referring to relationships in our lives: the Pauls (our mentors), the Timothys (our mentees), and the Barnabases (our encouragers). He told us to turn to the person next to us and tell them that they need a Paul, and a Timothy, and a Barnabas.

I like the double meaning.

I really liked what the speaker had to say. I also really liked what the student speaker said – about the significance of the towels and being a servant. “Will you frame your towel, or will you use it to dry the tears of a crying child?” It brought me back to my freshman year, when we had our 2G “welcoming”. We all had our eyes closed, expecting the worst… Only to find out that our suitemates were washing our feet! I almost choked up with the beauty of the symbol. I was a lowly freshman, and they were all big and smart upperclassmen! Yet, they were washing MY feet. Wow, this was a different group of people than I’d ever been around before. I was eager to share in this tradition every year except for my sophomore year, when we weren’t allowed to do it.

Anyway, two thoughts I had from graduation. That, and it was good to be with friends again. I didn’t realize how lonely I am here in Atlanta until this weekend. It’s not bad here; I’m still getting settled and I haven’t thought about the fact that I don’t see many people other than my coworkers. With the beauty of cell phones I am able to keep in touch with a lot of friends. However, it was nice to be with them again. I ran out of time seeing everyone. I’m glad I was able to see the people I did, though. And there’s always homecoming. :-)

I should go do dishes and clean my apartment. My parents brought with them my tea cup rack! It’s a wooden shelf thing with room for 15 teacups. My great-grandmother collected them, so I have all of hers, as well as one of my own – a pretty flowery one I got for being a bridesmaid at Tree’s wedding. I’m excited to add to it.

Good news! Paul lent me his camera so I will soon be able to post pictures of my apartment. I’m excited to have use of a camera again. It’s been so long… I want to post many pictures of my apartment, my office, my new car, and my cats. By the way, my car is wonderful; I feel like I’m driving a Lexus! I feel bad that my parents have the old one… But it is good with the van on its last legs (wheels?).

I miss my friends, and Paul, and my family. I hope everyone will come visit! :-)

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