long time no post

long time no post

It’s been a while. I don’t have much access to a computer, which is one reason, and another is I have been really tired recently. Work is going well, but I feel like i’m being really slow. I don’t know if they think so too, but I’m scared if I try to go as fast as I can then I will make mistakes. A happy medium would be nice.

This weekend has been shopping for new apartment stuff. I got a couch from Salvation Army (it’s super comfy!!), a box of 18 different kitchen utensils, placemats, salt and pepper shakers, and a fajita grill. Yeah, I know that last one wasn’t a “necessity” but it was on sale and I thought, “Wouldn’t Paul love this!”

Sometimes it’s depressing to think that if the wedding hadn’t been cancelled, someone else would be helping finance my apartment. As it is, I have to do it all on my own. Why can’t there be any benefits for people who decide not to get married right after graduation?

My cousin and I hung out today which was quite fun. First we went to Penney’s which was having a store closeout sale, then we went car shopping which was fruitless and depressing (on my end). I do like having someone around who can go with me though. I just wish I could afford a decent car, and not looking at the old beat up 15 year old car and saying “this is as much as I can afford”. I need a rich relative to buy me a car. :-) Actually, what I hate most is this searching. I wish someone else would go find a car, tell me it’s the best deal, and I can trust that opinion and pay for it and be happy. That sounds nice to me.

This weekend passed too quickly. I am eager to get into my apartment, although this time with my aunt and uncle has been nice. I miss my cats a lot, and I miss having space to spread out. I am grateful for this extra month of paychecks and no living expenses, which will help a lot.

Yeah that’s what’s been going on in my life. I hope that once i’m a bit more settled I will get back to blogging, but for now… this is what it’s going to be. :-)

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