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*insert creative title here*

Tonight was the first night in a long time that I have had the time and opportunity to sit at the computer and think about blogs! I enjoyed reading them and catching up with people. I feel that I have been disconnected from people recently, with the exception of Atlanta people. After calling my mom and Paul daily, I am too worn out to call anyone else! And my uncle is busy with tax returns on the computer (people who filed for extensions and other things) so I don’t have much access to that. I’ve also been extremely tired lately, as the whole getting-up-early thing is hitting me. I have found it harder and harder to get up in the mornings, even though I am pretty consistently going to bed at a reasonable hour. I don’t think I will ever reach a point where I will be able to hop out of bed in the mornings. *sigh*

My application was accepted, so I will be signing my lease next week and moving in next Friday. I am really excited, especially now as the traffic has seemed to have taken a sudden turn for the worse and it’s been taking me 40-50 minutes to get to and from work. The thought of a 10 minute drive after I move sounds so nice!

Today I realized that I desperately need some new clothes. Especially since I only brough 9 days of outfits because I thought I was going to be in an apartment before now. In some ways, I’m glad I don’t have a lot of clothes with me, because that would just make me trying to find the right outfits in my suitcase a nightmare. I am so looking forward to having a real dresser!! But about the clothes… All of my nice clothes are like 4 years old, because I am not really a clothes buyer, and I’ve worn them a lot. They are looking more faded and I’m having problems with them being stinky even after I wash them. I got a new skirt and shirt today, which I like but I’m wearing the skirt right now trying to decide if I need to go back and get a bigger size. I need to lose weight, that’s what I need.

I am almost done with the book “Hughes” which I have been reading forever (it’s a big book!). My thoughts about the movie “Aviator” and the true story of Howard Hughes are that the movie was pretty close, although it left out a lot of details (obviously). The movie also mixed up the chronological order of some things – like Howard Hughes went crazy at the end of his life (sitting naked, letting his hair and fingernails grow out, watching movies constantly, peeing in mason jars and keeping them in his room). In the movie, it has him coming back out of that, but in reality he never did (the “coming back out” was at a different point in his life before he did all those things). However, his eccentricities in the movie were consistent with the documentary I’ve been reading, although the movie left out how much of a playboy he was – having slept with most of the big Hollywood stars of his time period. He did live with Katharine Hepburn for 3 years, but she wasn’t the main girl of his life. I find the story very interesting, and now I want to watch the movie again.

I really like history. I think I would like to continue to research different historical events/people for no reason other than to better my own knowledge. One week until I can get a library card!

Oh and today is my parents’ 26th anniversary. Too bad my dad is out of town. :-( But I’m glad that they are still together after 26 years, and that they are still very much in love – and not afraid to show that to their children. I hope someday I will be celebrating my 26th wedding anniversary with a man I am still completely in love with. 26 is a very good number, by the way. It’s the number of cats I have. Or so my blog address and email address reflect.

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