goodbye, frances

goodbye, frances

Somehow last night Frances escaped from her cage and was found by my sister in my closet not moving… Poor little hamster. :-( No one has a clue how she got out of her cage or exactly what killed her, but our guess is maybe out of fright (perhaps because of the cats and/or dog) she was able to squeeze out and then had a heart attack or something.

I’m sad. :-( And I’m wondering if I should get another hamster. If it was the cats, then I don’t want to get another one and have it die too. Hamsters are fun but they don’t mix well with cats.

I’ll think about it later.

In other news… my job is going really well. I’m happy with the stuff I’ve been doing so far, and this 8:30-5:30 schedule of working is much better for me health-wise than the 3pm – 3am schedule at that last place I worked in Orlando. Zeke joined me at work this week – I think he likes it. :-) People keep commenting on how pretty he is, and he likes to show off whenever he can tell that people are watching him. :-)

On Monday I put in an application for an apartment, so we’ll pray that it’s acceptable! She said the only way I won’t be accepted is if I’m either a convicted felon or I owe money to my last apartment. Since neither of those apply to me, then I think I’m good. If I’m accepted, then my move-in date is April 29th – a little over 2 weeks away.

All I can think about right now is “apartment apartment apartment”. Let me see if there’s anything else going on… Oh, I love my new phone. As soon as I get my computer set up then I will be able to post the pictures I’m taking with it. I have unlimited picture sending so let me know if you want me to email you a picture of something. :-) I always thought camera phones were kind of silly, but I really use mine a lot! I was able to go back and trade the phone I got for Paul with a phone just like mine, and I mailed it to him yesterday. Soon we’ll be able to talk!!! I’m excited about that. :-)

My uncle was telling me that starting this summer (either June or July), cell phone companies are going to sell their phone lists to telemarketers so if you have a cell phone then you better register it with

That’s all for now! Tootles…!

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