job interviews

job interviews

Hmm, I feel like I had something specific to say in my blog today. But now I can’t remember. Oh well. I am really tired. I just woke up, having gone to sleep around 5 am. It’s getting harder and harder for me to be okay with working till 3 or 4 am. Wehn midnight rolls around, I want to go home. Am I being too picky? Should I just suck it up and work the 60 hours a week?

I’m so very tired…

I have two job interviews coming up. One is on Friday with a magazine that does “for rent” things. It looks promising, and the graphic designer for the Tampa office told me that she really likes my work. Yay. :-) The other is in Atlanta on Monday. I am driving up Sunday, my itnerview is at 10 am on Monday, and then I’m headed back to Orlando after that. Short trip, but hopefully it will be worth it. The second job is one I really want – mostly, I want to move to Atlanta. But the company also sounds great, and the job sounds like something I want to do. And their biggest client is “Ashley” furniture. :-)

Yeah so pray that I am awake for my interview on Friday… I am worried that I’m going to get off work at 4 again and then be so tired for my interview. Perhaps I could ask to leave early? Say I have an “appointment”? Hmm :-/

Paul’s birthday is on Sunday!! :-D

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