a little down

a little down

Paul left this morning. It was wonderful to see him, but our hearts were heavy. There is a lot going on right now. We’ve successfully turned both sets of parents against us by this visit, and now we’re left with more questions than answers. I can explain more of what’s going on later, when things become a little more concrete.

I’ve been down all day. I am sad that Paul left. I am sad that this visit couldn’t be just a casual visit. I am sad for other things too, but that is all my personal life and better not to share on a blog…

So in an attempt to cheer myself up, I will change the subject. Paul and I had a good weekend… It was sooooo nice to have him around again. It seemed like a dream. We mesh so well… We did a lot while he was here. We hung out, talked a lot, played with Lewis and Ebony, and did those little things that I love to do with him. We saw “The Aviator” and “The Incredibles” (in the dollar theater). I exercised my over-21-and-not-at-Taylor right and bought alcohol (strawberry daiquari) which we enjoyed one evening (Paul’s first taste of alcohol! i’m corrupting him :-)). We went to Chick-Fil-A and Disney (Paul was interviewing for a seasonal job there). Another big thing I did was finally decide on an animal! It was a really hard decision, but I like my choice. My parents aren’t too happy with me though…

Like I said, it was a really hard choice and I did a lot of research about it. I have wanted a turtle for many years now, and I was going to get them, but from all my research I found that they were not only the most expensive but would also be the highest maintenance. Turtles are very messy, and they require a powerful filter ($25-$45) and special UV lightbulbs ($27). I would also have to buy a tank ($20) for them – I could use the 5 gallon fishtank I have for now, but I would have to invest in a bigger tank as soon as they got bigger. And I realized that I don’t really have room for a bigger tank right now. I’d still like to get turtles, but maybe when I’m a bit more settled.

So it was between mice and hamsters. I finally settled on two female dwarf hamsters because they were cuter – they look like little puffballs! One is a lot smaller, and she is white with a little grey. She’s a speed demon on the wheel. She runs like her life depends on it! The other is older and bigger. She is brownish and looks like a puffball, too. They’re both so cute.

The cats love them. I’m confident they can’t get into the cage, but it gets kind of annoying to never be able to just enjoy the hamsters without two cats trying to attack. I think it will get better… The cats went crazy about Zeke (the fish) too, and now they are better although occasionally they will try to attack him.

I think that’s all for now. I am feeling a bit better. I will write more later.

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