a new day…

a new day…

Yesterday ended much better than it started, thanks to wonderful friends who took the time to talk to me and comment on my post. I was pointed to the book of Job. I’m not sure why I didn’t realize it before, but I can relate to a certain extent what Job was going through. Thank you, David. :-) And thank You, God, for putting people in my life to encourage me through them.

Anne Shirley said the nice thing about tomorrow is that there aren’t any mistakes in it yet. And that’s true, because today dawned warm and sunny, a brand new day laid out before me without mistakes.

I went to CPP and finished printing my pieces for my portfolio. I am really excited about them. All I need is an awesome electronic portfolio, and I’m all set. Once I have that, I can post the link on my blog so everyone can see my work and be impressed themselves. :-)

Thanks again, friends, for your encouragement. You’ve been a blessing to me.

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