My sister went to see The Incredibles for her birthday (Dec. 4), and when I got home for Christmas, she informs me that I need to see it. A few nights ago, she brought it up again, and I told her that without a job I really shouldn’t be paying to go to movies. Amy tells me she has lots of money and that she will pay for my ticket since she just knows I will love this movie (no one can ever complain about us not being generous… earlier this year AJ sold me his nice computer for $60 because he knew I needed something more than my laptop).

So today Amy, Dad, and I went to the movies. Amy was right; I loved it! As I left and drove home (my dad is still unable to drive, although he’s doing a lot better), I felt like zipping around in and out of traffic. I think being in a convertible with the top down and basking in the warm sunlight helped that. :-)

I’ve decided I want to be a superhero. It’s fun to imagine yourself with special powers. What would you choose, if you could be anything? There are so many options. Super-human strength? Flexibility? Lightning speed? Invisibility? Flight? Flight and invisibility are the two that appeal to me the most.

The movie was all about being who you are, and not trying to cover it up or be ashamed of it even if the rest of the world thinks so. Ah, Christian lesson coming here… but it’s true. We kind of have superpowers, though they aren’t as spectacular as in comic books. But we can tap into the most magnificent power in the universe – the Creator of the universe. The world might try to cover us up, but it’s only when we embrace who we are then we can be truly happy. It sounds cheesy to say that but if you’ve seen the movie, then you know that Violet, the girl who tries to be like everyone else, becomes more self confident when she stops hiding who she truly is. I think self-confidence is something a lot of us lack, but it’s really important. We are God’s precious children, and when we embrace that and let God fill us with His power, that’s when we are truly happy and can do magnificent things – with God’s power, of course. :-)

Yes, we all have heard it before, but I for one need to be reminded. I was wishing that life was different, that if I only had some superpower then I could change things and be happy. But I’m trying so hard to be someone I’m not, that I’m missing the greatest power I do have.

Unfortunately, I doubt I’ll ever be able to fly or turn invisible – those are things I can dream about as I fall asleep at night. :-) To infinity, and beyond!

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