dunkin donuts

dunkin donuts

This post is for Paul and anyone else from New England.

When Paul first told me about the Dunkin Donuts on every street corner in his area in Massachusetts, I didn’t believe him, but when I went to visit I realized that he wasn’t kidding.

So as I was taking this “what state are you” quiz, and came across this question it made me laugh. A lot:

Q. How much do you love Dunkin Donuts?
A. A lot.
B. A whole lot.

Clicking “a” will make you the state “Rhode Island”. Clicking “B” will make you the state of Massachusetts.

I am trying many options, trying to get either Georgia or Florida or a state where I’ve actually lived. I have gotten almost every state, including “the state of denial” (ruled by Britney Spears) and “the state of fear”. It makes me laugh.

On to more pointless things.

P.S. Finally! I got Georgia. Here’s what it says about me:

You’re Georgia!
For you, life is just peachy. You’ve been growing a lot lately and have really invested yourself in some major companies. You prefer Coke over Pepsi, CNN over other stations, and always fly Delta. This brand loyalty seems to be pulling away from your deepest roots, but that’s part of growing. You are utterly terrified of fire. Just an old sweet song keeps you on others’ minds.

And here’s what they say about Florida:

You’re Florida!
You like butterflies, hate franchises, and for some reason really have it in for this guy you know named Chad. You’re almost certainly old and have retired, either because of age or wealth. Sometimes you like to sit back and watch some Disney films, while other times you’re big on the Crocodile Hunter (though you really wish he were hunting alligators instead). You wear sunscreen at all times, even indoors, and can never seem to get the sand out of your shoes. Yes, you’re a little bit spacy. It would help everyone out if you would finally learn to count.

Ah, I waste too much time. :-)

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