It’s supposed to be 80 degrees today. I’m quite enjoying the warm weather. Since I’ve only been in Orlando in the summertime, I keep thinking it is summer so it doesn’t seem unusual for it to be January and 80 degrees outside. Of course, the high for Lima today is 81 so I guess I’m used to warm January weather. :-) January and February were always summer vacation for us, and I remember many walks to the pool, especially when I was taking lessons, or walking to the beach, or sitting on our roof just enjoying the weather.

Yesterday I sat on our screened-in porch, reading Anne of Avonlea and watching the cats enjoying themselves. They love leaves – they pounce on them and carry them around in their mouths. There aren’t many ducks on the lake, or geckos around the yard… I suppose they come out in the summertime. See, this is why I’m confused, because to me it IS summertime.

Today would be a good day to go cruising around in my dad’s convertible. Anyone want to come with me? Ah, ‘twould be nice. :-)

Today is Paul and my 34 month anniversary. That’s two years and 10 months! It seems hard to believe that we’ve been together almost 3 years now. On the other hand, it seems so much longer than that. I love you, Paul. :-)

days till tree’s wedding: 24

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