Christmas Adam

Christmas Adam

It’s the day before Christmas Eve; therefore, it’s Christmas Adam. Okay, it’s an old joke, but I still am amused by it. :-) I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve already. You know, I’ve always had warm Christmases (in Peru, Christmas was the start of summer and we went to the beach to celebrate), but for some reason I feel that without the traditional white stuff on the ground, it isn’t really Christmas. I’d like to see more of the Christmas spirit focused around warm climates. You know, some songs and movies about going to the beach or enjoying the lights on the palm trees, stuff like that.

Needless to say, it was really warm today. I think it got to about 75. It was humid and muggy… Ah, the south. :-p My hair was really frizzy and I wore a cute little sleeveless sundress. I sat at my computer and read reports about how it snowed 20 inches in Indiana. Sheesh. I’m glad it hit after I left and not while I was traveling, but it would have been awesome to see 20 inches of snow. Perhaps classes would have been cancelled. That would have been fun. :-)

I helped my mom wrap presents today. I like wrapping presents. It’s fun, and I love trying to make it look nice. I’d like to work at one of those places in the mall that do giftwrapping for you. I think it’s an awesome fundraising idea. Speaking of awesome Christmas ideas, here are some that my computer friends will enjoy.

Today is Zay’s birthday. I love you, Zay!!!

days till my birthday: 3

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