my nightly post

my nightly post

Nothing excited happened today. I finished the christmas cards and finally got them mailed out. All total, I sent about 92 cards. Whew! My hand hurts. But I’m very satisfied with a job completed, even though the ones I mailed today will most likely arrive after Christmas.

I took the kitties to the vet. Lewis has a cold and it sounds awful. They gave me pills for him. I don’t like the idea of forcing pills down a cat’s throat twice a day. I don’t want them to hate me from the start. :-( This is what parents must feel when they take their kids in for a shot.

My family and I played Rummikub tonight. We used to always play that when I was growing up. We haven’t played it in a long time. Why not? I should be better about initiating game nights. You only get one family; it’s nice when you actually do stuff instead of hiding behind a computer or a TV all the time.

BTW, today is Matt‘s birthday.

days till my birthday: 4

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