Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Tomorrow is Christmas.

I just wrote a whole long post complaining, but then I realized I’m just tired and cranky right now. I think I vented what I needed to vent, but it’s probably not a good idea to post it on my blog for the world to read. I have no idea who reads my blog, so I better be nice to everyone. :-)

I miss Paul. A lot. I am getting really tired of this distance. I suppose people who’ve never been apart from their loved one will leave comments saying I’m being a baby, but I know that people like Sopeak and Zay and Tree and Daniel can relate and will probably offer hugs. :-)

I hope next Christmas I can be with Paul.

I should go do something to get into a better mood. Maybe I will take a long shower and then spend hours making myself beautiful for church tonight. I like pampering myself sometimes.

days till my birthday: 2

i miss you, Paul :-(

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