luna moth

luna moth

My sister got a moth for Christmas.

I’m not kidding!

Who can say they’ve gotten a moth as a present? Well my sister can. And it fits her. She likes animals – we all do, but my sister likes them the most I think. And a moth fits her quirky and desire-to-be-different personality.

So when my grandmother saw them at the (plant) nursery for sale, she immediately thought of my sister.

Now before you think this is some old brown moth that eats clothes, let me correct you. Apparently this is a Luna Moth and it’s actually pretty, according to the pictures I found online:

My sister has in her room right now a cocoon, and the moth will come out of it. Then it will live for 7-10 days during which it will try to find a mate. After it lays its eggs, it will die. These moths are only active at night (hence the name) and adult moths don’t eat anything – they don’t even have mouths!

I didn’t know moths could be interesting, but I think this is. Paul, how many animals did you say we could have? O:-)

days till my birthday: 5

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