Lewis and Ebony

Lewis and Ebony

I have decided on names. The proposed name of Seymour struck on something I wanted: a name that wasn’t just a cat name (like “Oreo”), but something more sophisticated. Seymour sounds like a British author, and I thought to myself, what author do I love? Immediately coming to mind was the beloved C.S. Lewis. I looked at the black and white cat, and decided that “Lewis” seemed to fit him. Therefore, I present to you, Lewis:

For his sister, I stuck with the name of Ebony. I don’t like how it looks written, but I love how it rolls off the tongue.

They were cracking me up today, playing with a wiffle ball on a string. They are very active (being kittens) and I love to watch them play. They’re so much fun. :-)

In other news, I’m having problems with my AIM. Ever since I got back to Florida, it keeps disconnecting. It could be a problem with the network, but my brother says no. However, he doesn’t use AIM. I decided to try GAIM and see if that worked better, but I got annoyed with GAIM because it’s really hard to make it use cool colors and have the font I want. I think it works for practical people but I like things to look cool too much. :-) So I don’t know what to do.

It got cold here today, like it did for the rest of the eastern United States. It got down to a real feel of 32 today, which doesn’t sound very cold, but it is pretty cold for Florida. The houses here aren’t insulated very well, so we don’t have nice heaters to keep us toasty warm. I was talking to a high school friend who lives in Ottawa, Canada, and she was telling me it was -42 degrees there. Brr!!! Melissa, you should move to Canada. ;-)

days till my birthday: 6

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