happy Sunday

happy Sunday

It’s good to be home. I was singing in the shower this morning, which I don’t normally do, but I think it’s because I feel so bursting with happiness. It’s almost Christmas, my favorite time of year. I’m home with my family. I have two adorable kitties. I got to talk to Paul today (not that it’s unsual, but I just love talking to him). I ate lunch with Joanna H., and she was so happy because she was home and not student teaching anymore. It’s so fun to watch her open up like a flower in the sunshine.

I am trying to decide on names. I’ve always wanted to name a cat Whiskey, because I think it’s an awesome name and it makes me think of Whiskers too (hence, the appropriate name for a cat). I think the name “Ebony” for the black kitten (the female) is growing on me. My parents don’t think I should name the other one (the male) Whiskey because they don’t think it’s a good witness. I must admit, although I love the name, it doesn’t seem to fit this black and white cat. My family is rooting for the name Oreo, but I have a doll named oreo and I want something maybe more sophisticated. Any ideas?

I rearranged my room today. I was excited. It looks a lot bigger now and I even have room for my TV. :-) I will take pictures and send them soon. I know everyone is dying of curiosity!

Ebony was cracking me up today. She was “helping” me set up my computer. She was attacking all the wires as I was plugging them in, and then she found my Wycliffe ID card on the string and started dragging that around everyone. Oh, yes, and she discovered Zeke last night. She was trying really hard to get him, but he’s safe in his tank with the lid. :-)

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