Christmas presents

Christmas presents

I’m home!

It was a long trip (started on Thursday night and ending tonight) but I finally made it. I managed to finish all my many tasks, including Christmas cards to various people. I was really proud of myself.

I moved out on Thursday, and went to Carmel where I spent some wonderful time with Joanna L. The next morning, I drove the 8 hour drive to Rising Fawn, Georgia (nestled high on Lookout Mountain, right on the border of Georgia and Tennessee) where I stayed with Beth M. My best friend, also named Beth, lives there as well, and so I spent the evening with her. It was fun, and we went out for drinks to celebrate our graduation (she just graduated too). I enjoyed it, and I enjoyed the cosmopolitan that I had – legally. :-) Oh yeah, and the margarita. Mmm…

This morning I did the 10 hour drive to Orlando, which was also uneventful. that’s fine by me. :-) I had a nice enjoyable talk with Kaspar, whose birthday is tomorrow, on the phone. I got home about 8 pm. That was when I got my graduation/Christmas/birthday present, which I will put a picture of here:

me with my two Christmas presents that were sitting on my bed when I got home

awww they’re so cute! :-)

Anyone who knows me will know what a big deal this is that I finally have kitties to enjoy. :-) I love cats so much, ya’ll!! So, what do you think I should name them? I’ll take votes!

days till my birthday: 8

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