Well, after three cans of spray paint and four masonite boards cut into 19 pieces, I am done with my figure for 3-D design. I’ve been working crazy hard, when I could, which was hard considering we weren’t allowed to be alone in the woodshop due to the possibility of chopped off fingers. There were times I went to work on my project and there wasn’t anyone else there so I couldn’t work on it. :-( But I survived and it’s done, and if you’re on campus then you can go look at it. My figure is “heartbroken” and he’s found in the art building on the little lounge area by the stairwell on the second story (overlooking the Mitchell Gallery).

A tragical (to borrow a word from Anne Shirley) thing happened last Sunday on my way home from Pennsylvania. We were in a gas station, and someone pulled right behind us as we were backing up, and Crystal had to slam on her brakes. Zeke’s bowl went flying and so did Zeke. It was awful. :-( He seems to be okay, but according to the betta website, he has “fin rot” which comes from dirty water – because I had to use tap water from the gas station to fill up his bowl until I found a store that sold distilled water. Apparently this is a treatable disease, but I need to go get him some medicine. So that will be my project for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Gerig Hall’s Annual Christmas Open House. I’m excited – I got an invitation in the mail today and it made me happy. For those who aren’t from Taylor, Gerig has a history of having a really good Christmas open house. We go all out – decorating according to Christmas and to a theme, with lots of fun games and food and stuff like that. This year’s theme is “games” so I’m excited to see what they do with that. The past three years I have enjoyed being a part of decorating, and this year I’m going to enjoy visiting.

Speaking of decorating, everyone needs to come visit my apartment. We decorated and it looks awesome. :-) Lots of fun lights and three Christmas trees and a nativity scene and stockings and everything. Fun fun! I’m not going to be here much longer… So people, invite yourself over!!!

Enough for now. I have lots to say but haven’t had time to say it. I’ll try to be better. :-p

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