fall break

fall break

It’s been a while! Well I’m sure no one expected me to be blogging while Paul was here. I must admit I didn’t even think about it. Paul left this morning, and I’m still kind of down… I always get like this right after he leaves. I’ll be okay in a few days… It’s always hardest in the beginning, though.

The weekend I spent with him was incredible. I enjoyed so much having him here again, and it just made me all the more sure that I want to stick by him. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but I think seeing each other during absence is what really makes those feelings grow.

We spent a lot of time just hanging out and talking this weekend, but it was good. The big thing we did was on Saturday we drove to Mammoth Caves National Park in Kentucky and took a tour. It was definitely worth the drive! Paul loved it, as I knew he would. We did the lantern tour, which is going through about 3 miles of the cave by lantern-light. It was a little spooky but definitely fun. We want to go back and take a lit tour (like the one I went on with Joanna last year for her birthday) so Paul can see all the geological formations of the cave.

We didn’t really “do” anything else big, but we definitely enjoyed ourselves and I think we got a lot of the bumpy things smoothed over.

Now fall break is over (*tears*) and I am back here alone again trying to get into the swing of things. I have lots of homework to catch up on, as well as other little things like getting my resume and portfolio ready so I can apply to jobs. (the real world hits!)

My birthday is exactly two months from today.

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