yay for fridays!

yay for fridays!

I am moments away from leaving to go to Tree’s house this weekend. Yay! I am exhausted. I am glad to be done with that awful Vis GIS test I had that I bombed (I’ve never felt more unprepared for a test and so at a loss of how and what to study). I am glad to put projects aside for the meantime, and focus only on spending time with Tree and relaxing.

I thought I’d pass along a funny article I read today:

Dutch princess seeks divorce through newspaper ad
THE HAGUE (AFP) – Dutch princess Margarita de Bourbon, the 32-year old niece of Queen Beatrix, placed an advertisement in a Dutch newspaper informing her husband that she is filing for divorce.

Oh and I found out that the flying squirrel is actually a different part of the high ropes course. I actually went on the zip line. I thought it had two names, but apparently the flying squirrel is something else that we haven’t done yet. Oh well!

Have a good weekend, ya’ll!

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