I didn’t realize how much I missed my friends until I saw them this weekend. Emily and Melissa were my first good friends my freshman year, and it meant sooo much to see them around campus, and to be able to hang out with them like old times. It made me want to quit school right here and now, because Taylor without them just isn’t the same.

I talked to Emily for a long time yesterday. It was really great to just share everything with her; she’s a great listener. I wanted to spend some more time with Melissa but she was not feeling well. :-( I’m hoping to see her over Thanksgiving, or a slight chance over fall break.

I was telling Emily that there are times when you just have to realize that you can’t keep up with everyone, and you have to just let some friendships go. At the same time, I realized that it’s the opposite with them – there are some friendships that I hope I can always keep up to a certain extent.

Oh something interesting… I was reading The Echo (Taylor’s school newspaper) and I noticed that someone wrote an editorial about their experiences with street boys in Lima, Peru. I got all excited, because I can relate and I want to tell someone, but no one is around right now. So I wrote it in my blog.

It’s gorgeous outside today but I feel blah inside.

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