Last night for the first time in my life, I attended Airband. It was fun to just sit back and enjoy it… But it did make me want to dance! As I told Ann, “I must admit, I am really looking forward to December when I can dance again. It’s not that I want to go clubbing; I would just love to not have to worry about whether I am breaking some stupid rule or not.” Yeah, that’s how I feel.

My favorite group was Mu Kappa, who did an Indian song. It was refreshing to see real cultural dancing, and I enjoyed it immensely. They have a good chance of winning in future years if they could do a song that related to the audience a bit more. :-)

So it’s homecoming weekend here at Taylor, and the number of people on campus has grown. I’m sooooo excited because Joanna H. is here, Tree is coming tonight, and Melissa and Emily and Beth are coming tomorrow. So many people!! :-) I’m super excited to see everyone.

It’s a gorgeous day today. I love the warm weather. It should stay like this for always.

I had lunch today with a CGA friend named Margaret. It was interesting; we talked about lots of things from classes to relationships to study abroad programs. I love when you just sit down and have a wonderful conversation with someone, and it seems like everything that comes out of their mouth is wise advice. I appreciated her perspective a lot.

I should clean my apartment, since I have many guests coming this weekend. :-)

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