i got kicked out of Gerig :-(

i got kicked out of Gerig :-(

At 1 am, all non-Gerig residents have to leave. For the first time in over three years, I was kicked out of Gerig. It made me sad. I was going to leave before one, but I got talking to Zay and lost track of time and then Anna had to kick me out. :-(

But other than that, I had a good day. I went lazy river tubing with Gerig Hall and it was a blast. I am sunburnt, but I am relaxed after all day just laying on tubes floating down a river. At one point, we all started singing hymns. I love hymns. I wish we sang them more often; in so many ways, they have so much more meat than praise songs. They’re beautiful to sing; why have churches today stopped? That makes me sad.

After tubing, we went to a cute little restaurant in Lebanon, Indiana (I learned many new small Indiana towns today, like Max and Phlox). It was fun and the company was great. We got back to Gerig and I hung out in the lounge for the most part, talking to old friends until I got kicked out. I must say that overall it was a very enjoyable day.

I’m here alone in my apartment, but I should get to bed soon. First I need to make sure it’s all cleaned up for Tree coming tomorrow, which is very exciting! I’m happy to be able to spend time with her.

Wow this post seems rather dry and boring. I apologize. Maybe tomorrow I will feel more like myself. Right now, I just want to cry and think for a long time.

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